Hi! I'm
Dr. Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Digital Business Consultant & Reformation Strategist helping people Reform their Minds & Identity in Christ to attract Wealth, Love and Prosperity into their lives

Online Programs by
Dr. Sarah Ize-Iyamu

The Digital Coaches Club

The Complete Framework to Design & Sell a High Ticket Coaching Program from scratch (Even without time, tech stress, a profitable topic, or a large following) so you can make more Impact, Income, and Influence

The Love Transformation

How to become a More Attractive version of you, Heal Past Unresolved Pain, Break Wrong Love Patterns and finally attract Long-Lasting Love using the secret 9 Love Triggers.

Fast Automated Income System

How to Turn what you already know into an Irresistible Online Course to produce Passive Income on Autopilot using the Fast AISystem