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How I went from an Underpaid & Exhausted
to helping thousands of Online Entrepreneurs build a Profitable Online Business that enables them to work freely from Anywhere in the World

Hi, I Am Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Founder & Creator of SarahHQ.com & WealthLeaders.co

Over 9000+ people read my content on how to build a buying audience, turn their knowledge & skills into Cash, develop their wealth Superpower and how to sell more online with Facebook ads, Funnels & Persuasion

I’m popularly called the Queen of Sales Funnels & Online Ads 

Before all of these...

I didn’t know anything about starting and running a profitable online business. 

I didn’t know how to set up a website, email marketing, Facebook & Instagram advertising, copywriting, funnel building and more. 

I used to carry my makeup box up and down to paint people’s faces, which was my passion then.

But one day, a though came across my mind saying, “I am Smart and why don’t I use my head to make money.”

That was my green light. I then decided to do start an online business because I had the dream of traveling round the world and working from my laptop.

But I made a decision to put in the work. I started off learning and acquiring skills in different aspects of online marketing and applying what I was learning in my beauty business online and I started seeing success. 

Then I went forward to holding webinars online how to set up websites. In the process, I got a call one day to come train under Facebook’s Boost Your Business.

As a Lead Trainer in the Facebook Boost Your Business Network

From 2017-2019, over 3000+ attended Seminars I had facilitated under the Facebook’s Program titled “Boost Your Business”

Now not in any way was I working for Facebook, I was an independent trainer that simply decided to join this network to help small business owners across Nigeria with my skills in Facebook Advertising, Funnels and Copywriting.

I promoted each training sessions online to get people to come attend these workshop


Programs & Trainings


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We’ve established the Sarah HQ in Dallas, Texas. 

I spend my time traveling round the world, dancing (I still don’t know how to dance), teaching and impacting lives by helping people start and grow Highly Profitable online business that gives them the freedom to work from home or wherever.

Here Are Ways
I Can Help You

Build Your Audience

Build a list of Paying Customers on your own Unrestricted Platforms

Knowledge into Cash

Turn Your Knowledge, Skills & Expertise into Cash with Digital Courses

Sell More & Scale Online

Sell More & Scales Online with Facebook Ads & Funnels

Real Estate

Generate Rich Real Estate Leads online & Grow your Wealth in Real Estate

Beauty & Lifestyle

Get My Beauty & Lifestyle Tips on My blog SizBLuxury.com

Our Company is a Group of amazing people striving to build Online Business Success Transformative Products

I believe you’re here because your tired and done with the average life and business. 

I believe you’re finally ready to put in the work that will skyrocket your business online.

I believe you’re ready to do put in the work to create more income streams, sell more online and scale.

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7 Simple Steps To Profiting from Digital Courses

Even If You’re not Techy, Have No Audience, List or a Profitable Idea, you can turn your Knowledge, Skills & Expertise into a Profitable Digital Course

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