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The Business Acceleration Coaching Program

I will show you the “SMS FORMULAR” for getting Sales Daily on Social Media

Does this Sound Like you?

You’ve been working so hard day and night to make your business work but you’re not sure if everything is falling into place the way you want it to be

You’ve Been Wasting Time, Money And Data Or Spending All Day Commenting On Different Social Media Influencers Post, Yet No Sales

You simply can’t understand why everything you’re doing is not just working and You want a steady flow of paying clients.

You Feel The Market Is Saturated And The Competition In The Marketplace Is Too Much For You.

Your Competitors Who Are Not As Experienced As You Are  Yet Making So Many Sales While You’re Are Still Trying To Figure It Out. 

You’ve Been To So Many Classes, Events,  Paid Different Coaches, Webinars, Courses And  Yet No Real Results!!

You’re Trying To Cut Through The Crowd To Get Your Business To Stand Out And Make More Money.

And Every day, you keep experiencing this:

Are you finally Tired of This and Ready for the Next Level In your Business?

Are you ready to get more buyers and make sales daily without having to spend millions on ads?

Ready to build a consistent 7 figure income in your business?

What’s The Way Forward To Achieve This? To Keep Working Harder? 

You Can Keep Trying To Figure Everything Out Yourself, Spend Years And Energy And Feel Burnt Out Or Tired

Or Get A Proven Step By Step Strategy With The Boldness And Confidence To Go Higher In Your Business And Income Online. 

You’re Not Making Many Sales Online Simply Because You Don’t Have A Clear Strategy Or Plan On What To Do Online To Get Customers In Your Business Daily




The Business Acceleration Coaching Program

A One Month Personalized & Intense Coaching Program for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners who are ready to Launch and Grow their Business Online using the “SMS FORMULA”

The Business Accelerator Coaching Program is what you need to get all the support and strategy you need to launch and grow your business to a higher level. When you enroll today, you’re given a customized, step-by-step curriculum to follow that’s as unique as you and your business are.

In this Exclusive Coaching Program, you will Discover:

Just imagine being finally able to:

Make more Money Online monthly and have the freedom to do what you want and afford what you want

Relieved, Confident On What To Do To Generate Sales In Your Business And Increase Sales Over Time

Be Consistent with hitting 7 figures and more Income Goal in your Business

Be Seen As THE sought after Authority and Number 1 in your Marketplace

Successfully Launch Products that would Be Accepted Whenever you Bring It Out Without Objections

And more...

Here’s what would happen if you don't do something about getting Massive Sales in your Business Today!

  • You would keep posting daily, getting little or no sales because the algorithm will get worse and it would get harder for you to effectively reach customers
  • Customers will keep telling you objections such as ”I would get back to you” or “it’s too expensive” in the inbox
  • You won’t be able to keep up with the current changes in the marketplace as Customers Buying Style Will Change As There Will Be More Sales Towards Those Who Are Visible And Credible In 2020 and beyond.
  • The Competition Will Is Stiffer As Those Who Will Stand Out Are People Who Can Be Creative With Their Offers To Grab Attention.
  • You’d keep getting Constantly Getting Ignored For your Competition because you’re Not yet Perceived As an Expert or authority.

Who is this Coaching Program for exactly?

Startup Makeup Artist, Coaches, Designers, Personal Shoppers, Cosmetic Industry, Fashion, And Lifestyle Industry.

It is also for Service Businesses Like Coaches, Fitness Experts, Consultants, Copywriters, Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers , Stylists, Bloggers,

Happy Clients Testimonials


CEO of Bunaj Stitches

You touched my life and business miraculously, even when the tasks seemed a lot you still pushed me and today my business sells itself, my success story is incomplete without you.


CEO of Amani Hair

Everyone around is asking me what is happening, they see my new drive, my new result, my new confidence and boldness to push my brand and they all want to be like me. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have met you. You are my superwoman.


CEO of Scents Emporium

Between Saturday and now my sales have tripled just by applying that one tweak as discussed, I am definitely coming back for the one month program

Meet Your Coach

My name is Just Ibe and I help entrepreneurs like you create irresistible offers that will guarantee daily SALES. Truth is like you i tried to figure it out myself for so many years and I lost a lot of money and time that cannot be recovered and most importantly some opportunities that may never come again. With my 4 years plus experience working with small businesses liek yours, I know exactly what would set you on the SAIL to SALES using the formula I discovered called the “SMS” Formula that is also helping my clients get 7 figures and above in their business.

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How to Join the Coaching Program Today

If you’re ready for Accountability, for me to hold you by the hand and show you to get more sales on Social media, then this is for you.


Payment Details

You can pay online with the big orange buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to




After Payment through this method, Send us a message on Whatsapp 08085901597 or Please click this Button Below to send us a payment proof on Whatsapp.

All Registered Members will be given access to the program added to an Exclusive Coaching Group Online 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's Too Expensive, I Can’t Afford It For Now

Would It Work? Will I make Sales?

Would You Hold My Hand And Keep Me Accountable?

The whole essence of this private coaching program is accountability. The program will be specifically tailored to your business needs for growth.

How long is the Coaching Program?

This Coaching program will run for just one month online, exactly 30 days..

Is it for people just starting out online?

Yes, this Coaching Program is also for people starting out and launching their business online

How Quickly Will I See Results?

What if I run a Physical Studio/Store/Shop, will it work for me?

If your business has a physical or online presence, this coaching program is also for you. It will better help give your business powerful positioning Strategies to get more sales and buyers online

What would happen after I pay?

After payment, please send a screenshot of your payment as proof to 08085901597 so you can be added to the Coaching group to get started.

What if I don't know tech, will it work for me?

If you’re afraid of tech or you don’t know tech, Be rest assured that this program is for you.

I live in another state/Country, Is this a physical Class? How do I join?

This Coaching Program is entirely online, I will personally walk you through the program going over different aspects of your business online for one month

How do i know if this is right for me?

If you love making money, this is for you. If you want to take your business to a higher level and feel more confident as you make more sales daily online, this is for you.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us an email to

Payment Details

You can pay online with the big orange buttons below or you can also make Bank Transfer or Deposit to




After Payment through this method, Send us a message on Whatsapp +2348085901597 or Please click this Button Below to send us a payment proof on Whatsapp.

All Registered Members will be given access to the program added to an Exclusive Coaching Group Online 

Still not sure if this Program is Right for you?

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