You’re still Struggling to get more Sales through your Facebook & Instagram Ads simply because you haven’t applied these…

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Dear Friend,

So Forbes says, “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months.

“A whopping 80% crash and burn.”

A lot of businesses fail simply because they don’t have steady cash flow coming into their business daily

This happens simply because they don’t know how to get paying customers daily in their business.

Heck! Many don’t even advertise their business

In the past, people pay millions just to advertise on television

Today’s Television has transformed to the phone you have right now in your hands

Now more than ever, with Facebook Ads you can Reach more people in less time at lower cost compared to other forms of advertising such as TV, billboards and the likes.

Maybe you already know the power of Advertising on Facebook

And You now understand that your Customers are just a few clicks away from you

But There’s a struggle

You’ve tried running Facebook Ads and you didn’t get sales

Just likes!

Or heck! Facebook rejected your bank card

Disapproved your advert

Or worse… Banned your Advert Account

Business is moving too slow

Some days sales

Other days no sales

Some days friends & referrals go help matter!

But The truth is…

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You need a Consistent way of generating sales everyday to bring money into your business

So, The only reason you’re experiencing lack of customers and sales Is because you don’t have the right strategy to get them daily on autopilot.

But once you use these Facebook Ads Secrets , you’ll pull in sales daily effortlessly

Just Imagine what it would be like when you no longer have to “wonder” where you next customer will come from. All you have to do is apply these secrets in your Facebook Ads and watch it turn to a sales machine for your business

Finally, you can put an end to those frustrating moments where in a month you makes little sales compared to what you really want for your business

So How do you Gain this kind of Advantage over your Competition by stealing their Customers/Clients?


Advertise Profitably!

Become top in mind of your customer

Ever heard, “You either Advertise or Die”

The Big companies advertise profitably their businesses that’s why they are still alive

Even coca cola after 100 years still advertise

Even Facebook is still advertising today just to get more people on their platform

I’ve heard some people say if you have a good product, it will sell itself.


It doesn’t matter Whether you have the best products or services, if no one knows your business, it would fail.

Your Business success depends on how many of those people who see your business on a daily can you convert into BUYERS.

That means you should be driving people’s attention to your business Daily and converting them to Buyers.

With Facebook advertising, you can do this if you have the right strategies to.

Many people don’t know how to get the attention of customers online and convert that attention into paying customers.

That’s why I decided to share SECRETS to sell more and faster with Facebook Ads in less time.

Now You may be wondering,

Who Am I?

I’m Popularly referred to as the Queen of Facebook Ads & Sales

I’m  the go-to expert in running Profitable and Persuasive Facebook & Instagram Advert Campaigns.

I have an A-list of Private consulting clients and coaching students.

I’m a Global Educator, Author, Speaker & Real Estate Professional. I’ve run Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Campaigns in Industries such as Beauty, Fashion, Health, Real Estate and more.

I’ve been fortunate enough to help over 2500 + regular people and Business Professionals like you across the Country on how to use Facebook & Instagram Advertising to get more customers and sales Daily using a secret formula of mine so they live their lives on their own terms.

But this isn’t about me or what I’ve done.

It about you and your business success.

If you really  want to succeed in getting more customers and sales through your Facebook Advertising you should do the opposite of what others are doing in their adverts.

This will make you stand out and even Crush your Competition.

My goal is to show you how to quickly launch Highly Profitable Facebook & Instagram Adverts that gets you more buyers and sales daily with my Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets.

With these Secrets, you can get up to 5 sales, 10 sales or even 20 and more per day depending on how you use them.

Why These Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets Works

In Business you’re dealing with people

You’re selling to People.

Real people are on Facebook & instagram

Real People are buying products on and off social media everyday.

There are People on social media that can afford different products at different price points.

If you only you can SHOW your products to these people, know exactly what to SAY to get to their hearts and open their WALLETS for you.

What Everyone is Saying about my Training

The reason why a lot of people fail when they advertise on Facebook is because they don’t understand how the platform works and they don’t know how to use the platform to give them more paying customers.

However, I must warn you before hand…

Once you apply some of these secrets and get the results, it can be addictive 😂


I created this program because, everyday a lot of business owners come to tell me how they don’t get sales whenever they advertise on Facebook & Instagram

After spending years and a lot of money failing in my adverts, I stumbled on these Trade Secrets and used them in my adverts for different industries, my results went off the roofs!

I’ve shared them with many of my students and they were crushing it in their results.

They are no longer sitting down waiting for the next customer to come or wondering why the economy is bad.

Instead they spend their time, generating customers through their Facebook Adverts everyday.

With these secrets in your hand, you’ll feel the confidence that you can run a PROFITABLE Facebook Advert  

WITHOUT having your ads disapproved…

WITHOUT your Advert Account getting banned…

WITHOUT sitting down to complain and nag about how the economy is bad and is affecting your business everyday.

Here’s Just Some of What you’ll Get in this Unique Program:

With these secrets, you’ll be able to:

    • Get started right so you don’t waste your money, time and energy.
    • Overcome the 5 deadly mistakes people make with their Facebook Adverts
    • Write your Facebook Ads that connects and converts
    • Use attention Grabbing Images in your adverts
    • Have the confidence that you can run a profitable Facebook Advert that brings in customers and sales

And much, much more!

What would a 5, 10 or even more sales per day do for your life?

Imagine how much better your things will be when you have full control over your business and your income?

You Would you have more time to:

  • Spend more time with your family or friends?
  • Confidently buy the things you couldn’t afford before and not worry about your bank going red
  • Travel to relax and do what makes you happy instead of only work, work, work
  • You would finally be able to take your mind off worrying about not even enough cash flow coming into your business and all the business failures you’ve experienced in the past.

What the Best Experts are Saying:

When you get the Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets Today, You’ll Also Receive these Mind Blowing Bonuses (Valued at ₦ 125,000) for Absolutely FREE!!!

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The “SHARPSHOOTER” Targeting Method

How to Target REAL BUYERS on Facebook using my secret “Sharpshooter” Targeting Method

(₦20,000 Value)

This Targeting CheatSheet will show you How to Target REAL BUYERS on Facebook using my secret “Sharpshooter” Targeting Method

Targeting is one delicate part of your Facebook adverts and most people get it wrong. Here, I put together all the key takeaways and action items into a simple, easy to use guide to help you laser target your dream customers in your Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Thinking of targeting high paying customers, this secret Guide shows you targeting tricks for tapping into the minds of High paying individuals. Yours FREE with the purchase of Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets.


The Facebook Ads War Handbook

Secret Battle ready, Tactics to Escape being Banned by Facebook & how to always get your ads approved

(₦15,000 Value)

Are you tired of Facebook always disapproving your ads, or maybe your Advert Account has been banned several times in the past.

In this guide, you would get my proven Battle tested trade secrets you need to make sure your Adverts Account and your next Campaign is set for Sales success. Simply follow these secrets and you’ll never feel the frustration of your ads getting disapproved or your advert account banned.

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Stress-Free, Solid & Verified Facebook Ads Payment Methods

(₦15,000 Value)

Struggling with Paying for your Facebook Ads or maybe your Bank Card has been rejected several times, not to worry.

In this Guide, I’ve shared different verified and reliable ways you can pay for your Facebook Adverts without sweat or stress.


Stop Burning Money through your Facebook Ads

13 Money-Burning Facebook Ads Mistakes and Little Known Strategies for fixing them Quickly for more Sales & Buyers

(₦15,000 Value)

The reason you’re still burning money in your Facebook Adverts, you’re making certain mistakes in your Facebook Ads.

In this guide, I highlighted common mistakes people make in running Facebook ads and how you can quickly fix them to get more Buyers and make more sales online.

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magnetic book cover


Sell with Facebook Ads using Magnetic Messaging

10 Magnetic Writing Secrets that will get you more Sales through your Facebook Ads using the “Scroll, Stop & Buy” Technique

(₦15,000 Value)

The way you write in your Facebook Ads can attract more buyers or repel them from your business online. Heck, the way you write can get your ads approved or disapproved, get you more or less reach and impressions.

In this Guide, I share Facebook Ads writing secrets that will get buyers that are scrolling on Facebook to stop, click through, read your stuff and buy.


Attention Grabbing Images

How to Pick Attention Grabbing Images for your Facebook & Instagram Ads using the “Happy-Sad” Formula that gets you more reach, more impressions at lower prices

(₦10,000 Value)

When advertising on Facebook and Instagram, the kind of images you use actually matter. An image can make you more money or less.

In this guide, I will show you how you can find high converting images that will grab your customers attention and pull them in your Facebook Ads

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7 Fortune Follow-Up Secrets

7 Secrets to making Customers Trust You and buy from you over and over again

(₦15,000 Value)

Follow up is the Greatest Hidden Secret in making more Sales online. Some people literally leave money on the table for their competition by not following up with current customers and even serve them more.

In this guide, I share secrets to making customers love your brand, buy from you and even help you promote your business simply with the Art of Follow-up!


$100 Million Facebook Ads Ideas Swipe File

Multi-Million Dollars Facebook Ads Ideas at your Fingertips, so you Never struggle Again to come up with Highly Profitable Ideas for your Next Facebook & Instagram Advert

(₦20,000 Value)

Struggling with getting ideas for your next Facebook Advert Campaign? This private swipe file hands you several examples of Real-world promotions that have produced multiple millions in new customers and sales for multi-million & billion dollar brands.

Now you have multi-million dollar ideas at your fingertips so you never struggle again to come up with a highly profitable idea for your next Facebook and Instagram Advert!

All yours at absolutely no cost to you.

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Access to the Official Profitable Ads Community


You will get Access to my Private Telegram Community where you can meet, network, freely ask questions and connect with like-minded people! Networking with like-minded people with a common goal will give you more results.

A ₦125,000 Value for Yours FREE when you Get the Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets today!!!

How much would it be worth to you to learn how to get more customers and sales

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Heck, I’m might Take down the Massive Bonuses

The Total Value: ₦300,000

Get the Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets Today for just:



Is there A Guarantee?

If you’re an Action Taker, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after using these free bonus gifts and using The Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets, you’d make your money back fast.

It’s a no brainer.

Even if you just made ONE sale in your business from this program, you’ve gotten your money back.

This is 100 times worth more than what I’m giving it away at.

But the Question here should be…

What is Truly Costing You To NOT Have This Program In Your Hands Right Now?

For every Facebook & Instagram Advert you will run now and later in the future, it is costing you money, time and energy.

If you could grow your customer base.

And even do better in your daily sales target… how much would that be worth to you?

If These Secrets Won’t Help You In your Next Facebook & Instagram Ads, Then I’m Sorry I Don’t Know What Will

Are you still deciding if this program will help you after you’ve seen everything you will get with the program today, it probably won’t.

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Get Your Hands On These Hidden Secrets Now Before It’s Too Late

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I’m sorry but This isn’t for you.

I’m in the business of helping People who are hungry for more, win more in life and business.

If that’s not you, that’s fine.

But If it is you, then you know what to do right now.

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