Products & Trainings to help you build your email list, create hot selling digital courses and Take  your Online Business to a Higher Level

Strategy Sessions

Intense Marketing Strategy Sessions with Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Gain Clarity and Execution Plan needed to Position you to a Higher Level in your business

Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets

Little Known Profitable Facebook & Instagram Advert Secrets that turn Scrollers into Buyers

  • Overcome the 5 deadly mistakes people make with their Facebook Adverts
  • Write your Facebook Ads that connects and converts to Leads & Sales
  • Use attention Grabbing Images in your adverts

Viral Sales Lab

How to turn Strangers to Buyers using “The 4BF Formula” for generating More Sales & Repeat Buyers CONSISTENTLY Every Time you run a Facebook & Instagram Advert through Sales Funnels

  • The 4BF Formula will teach you how to Sell if no one knows you and you have no Audience, Email list or Followers
  • How to Create Facebook Ads that Follow your Customers EVERYWHERE untill they BUY.
  • How to follow up online with your customers on Autopilot until they beg you to take their money.
  • Underground Targeting Secrets for Finding REAL Buyers on Facebook.

The million Portfolio

The System For Consistently Collecting Millions In Cash Every 29 Days

  • How to break a fixed Income mentality and get rid of wrong money mindset blocks and how to develop a millionaire mind that will attract and tap in the right opportunities
  • How to make a Bad Economy work good for you
  • A Powerful Guide for packaging your knowledge, skills and expertise and putting it in a System that will create wealth for you.

My Japa Story

Why I Relocated to America for Global Positioning & Opportunities!!!

P.S: I’m not an expert at Japaing/Relocating ooo!!!!

  • My Relocation Story
  • Things people won’t tell you about Relocating
  • Recommended Resources to learn more about Global Positioning

Knowledge into Cash

The Complete Beginner’s Program to Turning Your Knowledge, Ideas, Skills & Expertise into Cash by Creating your First Digital Course using the K2C System even if you’re not techy, don’t have a profitable idea, and no audience to sell to

Join the Waitlist to be the first to know when the program launches and quickly grab the special bonuses for fast action takers

T-Shirts & Merch

T-shirts & Merchandise

Shop our Exclusive Collections of T-shirts & Merchandise to be part of the Movement

The Sales Boss Bootcamp Event

Sell Smarter, Sell More, Become a Sales Boss!

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