Toyin Iranloye

Co-founder, InvestPod Africa

Because of you, I did it AFRAID.

I went into Sarah’s mentorship on how I could turn my knowledge into Cash. Initially, I was lazy and slow to it but she wouldn’t stop pushing me. I write my first book. It took me a while to market it but I eventually did.

I did it AFRAID.

I’m usually the shy person who wouldn’t want to be seen but now I’m stressless marketing the books all thanks to Sarah. I’m also getting awesome feedback. A company got interested in my niche and now I’m going into a partnership with them. This wouldn’t have happened without the sound knowledge given by Sarah. I’m currently writing another book and I can’t just stop.

Thank you, Sarah. You’re Godsent.

I met Sarah on Instagram while I was searching for a business coach ...Within 2 weeks, I learnt the secrets to running a successful online business and also got a friend 🥰

Sarah is very real and down to earth🥰 I recommend her to every business owner or intending business owners .

She has vast knowledge in Business and Online Marketing

Esosa Osunde


Gideon Wang

Thank you Sarah for the Profitable Facebook Ads Secrets. It helped us acquire orders worth 10x our Facebook Ads spend.

Sarah's Program for me just gave me the Clarity, it made me understand that I could really turn my knowledge into money. For someone on the edge, the book pushes you to take the leap and just go ahead and sell your knowledge. Thank you so much.

Ngozi Obijiaku

Simon Zaku

“Within a few weeks of joining Sarah's Program, I had crossed over 900 email subscribers which generated a little over $2000 from my online course and I also got a Retainer client which takes 1-3 hours weekly of work. It’s the best results I’ve gotten in all the marketing I’ve ever run for any of my online businesses. Thank you Sarah Ize-Iyamu.”

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