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I'll show you how to Consistently Collect Millions in cash in exchange for what you already Know Every 29 days or less using

The Million Portfolio

From the Desk of Sarah Ize-Iyamu,

Dallas, Texas.

Dear Future Knowledge Millionaire,

If you’re finally sick and tired of working so hard everyday at a job that is not helping you grow financially and in other areas, then I will give you the answers you’ve been desperately searching for.

2020 is here and you shouldn’t keep playing and living at the level you’re currently at.

I want to show you how you can make at least 1 million every month using a Surefire System called “The Million Portfolio”.

I call it “The Million Portfolio” because it gives you the chance to make at least one million Naira or more from your knowledge using this System.

You are extremely lucky if you know these insider secrets and you are one of the first one hundred to jump on this…

This is unlike anything you’ve heard, read or seen anywhere. Its not another “unrealistic New year goal” and it’s not another “Money Making Scheme” that flops

The great part is, it is so simple and brought to you by the most trusted millionaire Authorities in the Industry.

This is the safe, easy plan for people who want to build a predictable income of at least 1 Million Naira every month by turning your knowledge into cash. Step by step plan that will help you build your own wealth building plan so you can enjoy the amazing life you’ve always secretly dreamed of.

The mission is to help 1 million Nigerians to make 1 million naira as a predictable income monthly

The truth is if you don’t make the decision to increase your income, things will keep getting harder.

You can’t keep blaming others for why your income is not increasing.

Sooner or later you’re going to realize that…

“The New Average Person in the Town is the one that can pull in millions” 

– Sarah Ize-Iyamu

I just attended the 10x Growth Conference in  America which is a yearly paid business conference held by the Famous Grant Cardone.

There were over 12,800 people in the stadium for this event.

My mind and eyes were seeing things people were not ordinarily seeing.

More on that later.

However, something perculiar happened.

Gerradt who is the president of Grant Cardone’s Company asked, “How many of you currently make a million dollars in a year” 

Lo and behold a lot of people raised their hands.

So that means making a million dollars is the middle class here. 

There was a time when I was living in Nigeria, I never believed I could make at least a Million Naira per month, 

The first million is always the hardest and therefore it becomes easier. 

When I eventually did, I knew exactly what to do collect at least that and more from people.

So one day, I attended a Conference where one of my Billionaire mentors  was speaking at. He had mentioned, “How many of you make at least a million Naira per month?” Few people raised their hands. 

I felt sad. 

I was sad because I had a proven system for making at least a million and more every month and I know I could help them with what I knew.

Therefore, I made the decision to help raise more millionaires with the system I call “The Million Portfolio”.  

Now this had happened in Nigeria where people usually say, “There’s no money in this country”

Truth it, There’s “AH” in Africa – Artificial Hardship

What if I tell you making 1 million every month is absolutely possible if you have a simple step by step system you can follow today.

This is not another one of those MMM

Are you highly talented but underpaid?

Do you have so much knowledge, many ideas but you seem to just can’t turn it into cash daily?

I want to show you How you can tap into the Billion dollar Knowledge Industry.

I want to show you how you can simple turn your existing knowledge, ideas and expertise into millions using a proven system.



The System For Consistently Collecting Millions In Cash from your Knowledge Every 29 Days

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Here’s some of what you’ll discover in the
Million Portfolio:


About Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Sarah Ize-Iyamu is an Online Ads & Sales Persuasion Consultant.

As a Global Trainer, she has trained 8000+ Business Professionals in over 30+ markets on how they can drive more Buyers and Sales daily for their business using her unique system called the 4BF Formula.

As a Marketing Professional, she has Engineered Highly Profitable Campaigns in Industries such as Beauty, Fashion, Real Estate, Health and more.

She’s the Founder of Sarah HQ  which now has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Before now, I had trained over 4500+ business professionals  in seminars all over Nigeria and Top Companies  on how to use Online Advertising to drive leads and sales to their business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Million Portfolio for?

The Million Portfolio is for anyone looking to finally increase their Monthly income. 

It teaches the Strategies and the Mindset behind increasing your monthly income.

Will I get it immediately after Payment?

When you make a payment online, you will get immediate access to the login link to access the pdf guides. If you pay via bank transfer to Access Bank 0059690786 Sarah Ize-Iyamu , you would have to send your payment proof on Whatsapp to +2347018651153 to get your login link to the guides.

I’ve bought other Guides like this, how's this different?

The Million Portfolio is a Proven System that taps into the mindset and strategies for you to take action on to make at least a million per month

Is this physical books or PDF Guide/Ebook?

The Million Portfolio are PDF Guides. You are going to get one Digital Books;  and Knowledge into Cash

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