How to turn Strangers to Buyers using

“The 4BF Formula”

for generating More Sales & Repeat Buyers CONSISTENTLY Every Time you run a Facebook & Instagram Advert through Sales Funnels

Even if you’re a Beginner or You’ve wasted money on ads to get No Sales & your Ad Account got Banned!

The 4BF Formula will teach you how to Sell if no one knows you and you have no Audience, Email list or Followers

From the desk of Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Dallas, Texas

Dear Friend,

Do you feel this way at the end of the month when you see how much sales all your marketing efforts you’ve done online and offline has gotten you?

Are you tired of posting every day on all your social media pages with very little or no sales are coming in?

Has Facebook been declining your Bank Card every time you try to pay for your Previous Adverts?

Are you sick & Tired of not getting customers through your Facebook & Instagram Adverts?

Does your Facebook Ads always get disapproved and your Advert Account get banned often?

If any of these is you, then this is the most important Stuff you will ever read online and I’ll show you why in a minute.

Ok! So First things first...a Disclaimer!!

I’m a Professional Internet Marketer who have spent years and a lot of money in practise and plus I’ve had my own share of successes and failures online in various businesses too..

My results are not typical and I’m not saying you will get 100% exact same results that I and my Students have gotten.

However, Most people who buy Online programs do nothing with the information they get so they won’t get any results. Your results will depend on various factors such as, Mindset, Willingness to take action, Background, hands on experience and more.

Running a Business involves risk and also daily, consistent massive action. If you’re not willing to understand and accept, then this program is not for you..

With this stated, let’s move on!

The Real Reason Most People fail Constantly in Advertising their Businesses on Facebook & Instagram

Most People fail to get Buyers & Make Sales with their Facebook & Instagram Ads because It requires a Proven System to Consistently generate Leads & Sales through your Adverts on Facebook and Instagram.

Some people see a boost post button, click it, pump in cash and wait to expect to get hundreds of customers flood in.

And when nothing happens, they blame it on Facebook saying that the platform doesn’t work.

Or they say the Classic one, “People don’t use Facebook anymore, my people are all on Instagram”

When getting Started with Facebook Advertising, you really have just these options:


Don’t Advertise and wait for Customers to fall from the sky and dash you money. This way you’re letting your Competitors Crush you and take all the money everyday.


Learn how to create and run Highly Profitable Facebook Advert campaigns yourself for your business USING A PROVEN FORMULA THAT WORKS!

And if you don't know how to create & run Highly Profitable Facebook ads using a Powerful Proven Formula, these could happen:


Your Adverts will get DISAPPROVED


Your Advert Account will get BANNED


Your Ads Are Running But Little Or No Leads & Sales

But imagine if you have a Proven System that Floods your Business Daily with Repeat Buyers & Sales on Autopilot:

Have a Daily Consistent Income

Get Repeat Buyers daily in your Business

You’re able to Grow your Business

My First Facebook Ads Nightmare

Looking back, I Remember my first Facebook Ad, I wanted to sell some skincare products some years back and then I ran an ad…

I waited…

All I saw was Likes

No sales, I didn’t even know how to track sales

Ok… “Is this how it works?” I was asking myself. No customer

I didn’t even have a Solid, Proven System that brings in Sales every time I run an advert even when I’m asleep.

The very first time I ran A PROFITABLE FACEBOOK ADVERT, I was making $500 per day in sales on a $1 product priced at $50. Do the Calculations.

Last year, during one of my numerous Facebook Ads Workshop I facilitated in different states in Nigeria, I taught this exact Secret System for running Facebook & Instagram Ads to thousands of people.

Some weeks ago, one of the attendees called me up to come and eat Pizza & Coldstone (I love ice-cream) and he shared his testimony with me.

He said: “Sarah, you remember one particular formula you talked about for that our Training in Ikeja?”

I said: “Abeg which one, I can’t remember”

He said: “ You mentioned like 5 sef, you no fit remember? I’m talking of that 4BF Formula is for products that get banned on Facebook”

I said: ” ehhnn…okay”

He said: “At first I tried running advert directly to sell my health supplements, my Facebook advert account got banned. Then I used that formula you mentioned for my Health Niche ooo, now I’m doing $2000 per day in Sales and on some days I make more than a million”

I said: “Oga come and pay your tithe joor”


This System is proven to bring in Real Results – but the results you get will equal the work you put in. Most people will get this program and do nothing with the information they get so they won’t get any results.

I know hundreds of people that attended my training in the past where I shared the best of the best trade secrets to selling almost Anything online and most of them didn’t implement them till today.

But if you’re ready to take Massive Action and get real results then let’s keep going

Hi, I'm Sarah Ize-Iyamu

Popularly referred to as The Queen of Facebook Ads & Sales Persuasion.

Creator of “The 4BF Formula”

I’m a Global Educator, Author, Speaker & Real Estate Professional. I’ve run Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Campaigns in Industries such as Beauty, Fashion, Health, Real Estate and more.

I’ve Helped 10,000+ Business Professionals across the Country on how to use a Unique System I call “The 4BF Formula” for getting a Daily Flood of Repeat Buyers and Sales with Facebook & Instagram Adverts so they live their lives on their own terms.

My goal is to show you how to quickly launch Highly Profitable Facebook & Instagram Adverts that gets you Repeat Buyers & makes sales daily with our Simple Proven Formula

Our Secret SuperPower:
The 4BF Formula

We Discovered this Unique 4BF Formula after wasting over $5000 on different Facebook Ads Campaigns in different Industries selling different products & services

Then We had to go back to the drawing board & spent years Reverse Engineering & Testing thousands of Facebook Ads and Marketing Funnels of the Most Successful Internet Marketers in the world.

We re-launched more Strategies online until we Stumbled on this Groundbreaking Formula I’m about to share with you today.

What’s the Best Way to Get Started Today!

The Great News is that I’ve created a Brand New Training Program that takes you by the hand on how to get a massive flood of Buyers from running Facebook & Instagram Ads and Grow your Business.

The Best way to get started with our “Buyers Flooding” Formula that helps you get Loads of Repeat Buyers & Sales Daily with Facebook & Instagram Adverts.

When you run Ads this way, the results will be amazing and Highly profitable.

The Secret is Knowing how to sell More of your Products & services with Facebook & Instagram Ads.

The Trick is Learning & Applying Battle-Ready Tactics that will help you crush your Competitors online & skyrocket your Business Growth.

And I’m so glad to Share this with you today.



The System that turns Strangers to Buyers from Facebook & Instagram adverts that Generates CONSISTENT Flow of Sales & Repeat Buyers DAILY using the Secret “4BF Formula" even if you have no Audience, email list or followers.

Even if you’re a Beginner or You’ve wasted money on ads to get No Sales & your Ad Account got Banned and no one knows you! This Training Program shows you how to create and run Cash Pulling & Customer Pulling Facebook Ad Campaigns so you don't waste your time and money.

In this Program, you will discover these Valuable Insights:

And a whole lot more!

Who is this Program for?

This Program will work for you, if you’re in the business of bringing in new customers and clients, regardless of your type of business. For Example...


Generate Leads and Get More High-Paying Clients


Engage Your Audience Anytime & Sell More Books


Book More Appointment & Make More Money

Digital Products

Sell More Products & Reduce Your Expenses


Engage With Buyers & Sell More Products

Network Marketing

Recruit Easily, Sell Faster & Get More Commissions

Real Estate

Get Qualified BUYER Leads & Sell More Properties

Small Business

Followup With Prospects & Get More Customers

Much More...

What's Inside This Program?


Setting Up Your Foundation Sales Machine

What You’ll Discover:


Building a Roadmap that will Capture Buyers online

What You’ll Discover:


Build an Automated System that makes Your customers rush your Products & Services

What You’ll Discover:


Use Facebook & Instagram Ads to Flood your Business with Sales & Repeat Buyers Daily

What You’ll Discover:


Program Certification

What You’ll Get:

When you join today, you’ll also get these Free Bonus Gifts!


Lifetime Access to the Official Viral Sales Lab Private Mentorship Community

Most people fail because they are not in the Right Network of people. They find themselves around Negative people that complain and are not ready to Take Action to improve their lives & Businesses. When you join this Program today, you will Get LIFETIME ACCESS to our Exclusive Community for Questions, Updates and Discussion.



Target Global Buyers with the Sharpshooter Targeting Method

Secret Strategies for Target Global Buyers with the Sharpshooter Targeting Method (PDF Guide & Video Training)

In this Secret Video Training, I shared strategies for targeting people in the Global Market. Are you Struggling to Target & Attract the Right Customers with your Facebook Ads? Then this is for you. With our “SHARPSHOOTER” Targeting Method, you can find, target your Ideal Customers are hiding on Facebook, who they follow and how to target them properly anywhere in the world.

(VALUE $197)


Escape Facebook Ban & Disapprovals

Secret Battle Ready Tactics to escape being banned by Facebook and how to always get your ads approved.

Tired of your Advert account always get Banned by Facebook? Does Facebook always Disapprove your Advert? This Video Training & Ebook shows you Secret Battle-Ready Tactics to escape being banned by Facebook & How to Bulletproof your Facebook Ads so they always get Approved.

(VALUE $97)


7 Stress-Free, Solid & Verified Facebook Ads Payment Methods (Ebook + Video Training)

PDF Guide & Video Training

Are you Struggling to pay for your Facebook Ads? Is Facebook Rejecting your card? Don’t worry, this Handbook will show you various to pay for your Facebook Ads without Unnecessary Stress.

(VALUE $47)


Profitable Instagram Ads

How to Create and Run Cash Pulling Instagram Ads

Maybe you’re just Interested in Running Instagram Ads ALONE, this training is for you. I’ll show to create and run Instagram Ads that Captures the Hearts & Cash of your Customers.

(VALUE $97)


Whatsapp Training

How to get Mad Rush of Customers to your WhatsApp using Facebook Ads

Do you want Customers to reach you on Whatsapp? This program will show you how to get mad rush of Customers to contact you on Whatsapp through Facebook Ads.

(VALUE $97)


Viral Sales Pages

How to Write & Design High Converting Sales Pages that pulls in Viral Sales (Video, Viral Sales copy Map, 1-click upload template)

Want to learn how to build fancy, cool sales pages like this? Watch me step by step as Build a Viral Sales Page just like this one you’re reading right now. You can use Sales Pages to sell Almost Anything online.

(VALUE $297)


Sales Boss Website

How to Build a Sales Boss Website that Positions your Brand as an Authority & Increases Your Sales

Want to learn how to build fancy, cool sales pages like this? Watch me step by step as Build a Viral Sales Page just like this one you’re reading right now. You can use Sales Pages to sell Almost Anything online.

(VALUE $197)


Domination & Big Money Mindset

The Difference between the Rich and not Rich

Tired of Procrastination? Struggling to take Massive Action on your Online Business? Want to move with Speed and always earn more. Let’s dive into the Mindset & habits of High performers, the Rich and not Rich.

(VALUE $97)


Viral Sales Triggers

10 Dangerous & Magnetic Sales Triggers you can use to persuade, influence and turn Complete Strangers into Buyers

In this Video training, I shared secret Viral Sales triggers you can use to influence, persuade and turn complete Strangers into Buyers.  

(VALUE $97)

Total Value Of Program & Massive Bonuses


So How much do you Think this Program Should cost?

Considering the Insider secrets, I shared in this program, The Least Estimated Value of this Program Plus Bonuses is  ($3000)

These Insider Secrets I shared in this Program could easily 5x or 10x your sales online if you take massive action on it.

So, let’s say you make an extra $1000 or even $2000 and more from using the Secrets I shared in this program if applied consistently over the next 90 days.

Would it be worth the price of $1000?

Yes or Yes? Right!

So, let’s say you continue with that result for the rest of the year, that means you literally paid little to get huge results.

Yes or Yes? You’re Right Again.

The Great part is I’m not even going to give you this program at $1000.

I’m not even giving it away for $500

I’m going to crash it down and make it super affordable for you

So here it is…

WARNING: I’ll Be Increasing The Prices or taking down the bonuses In A Few Days – Without Any Announcement. So don’t miss out on this Special offer.

Your Investment

Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Expert is for you if…

This Program is not for you if…

Customers reviews

Sarah’s Programs are awesome and value packed. It is a great course filled with in-depth information about facebook ad. Very good investment for anyone who is on the fence about buying.
Adekola Oyategbe
CEO, MRL Productions
With my baby tied to my back, we worked from midnight to almost morning on Website Sales System that saves us from so many hassle and made it easier for Mothers to place their orders from all over the world.
Dr. Chinny
Founder, The Milk Booster
Sarah truly understands what makes people buy on online & offline. Her knowledge & experience is suitable for scaling businesses that are ready to add more zeros to their revenue. You can't go wrong working with Sarah. The only question is, can your business process handle her results?
Moses Uche
CEO, Fire Profit Bot Agency

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Click on any of the Questions to see their Answers!

Facebook Ads is the fastest way to get your products and services in front of more people in less time. The more people see your business, the more likely you will get more customers.

Yes, with Facebook Ads your ads can be shown to thousands of people in less time and for less money. There are REAL people on Facebook with REAL Problems looking for REAL Solutions. With our “Dream Buyers” Targeting Template you will know how to find, Target & Get Real Buyers on Facebook

This Program shows you our Secret System for Generating Customers with a Single Click and then get them to buy from you over and over again.

You can use any internet enabled device such as a phone, tablet or computer to watch the video lessons online any day, anytime, anywhere. Plus you can download the videos to your devices.

It’s not a Crime not to know tech, however you should keep a very open mind and think how can I learn and apply this training. The program takes you step by step through how to create and run a profitable Facebook advert campaign. Plus my Team will be there to answer your Questions in our Private Community.

Yes, you can find loads of free and paid courses and content on Facebook Adverts. You can choose to go through the long route of trying to figure it all out by yourself, make horrible mistakes and dash Uncle mark Sugarbag your money. Or you can save yourself from heartache and stress simply by just following the steps by someone who has had results from the same terrain you’re operating from.

You have access to this Program, Bonuses & Community for life.

Yes, You must have gotten programs in the past that were full with all talk & Fluff with no Step- by Step hold you by the Hand Process. This isn’t like the rest. When you’re done, you will feel Confident, you will feel like an EXPERT that can run Facebook Ads that quickly brings in Cash & Customers.

We have a module that teaches you how to run profitable Facebook ads without a website, However if you want More credibility and to stand out as an Authority Instantly & Crush your Competition in your Marketplace, You need a Website.

I Believe there’s something to learn from Everyone. This program takes you from being a Zero Beginner to a Highly Profitable Facebook Ads Expert. If you’re starting out or you’ve run a couple of ads in the past, this is for you. If you want to see Advertising on Facebook & Instagram from my Perspective, then you can join in also.

If you pay online using your debit card through our Paystack link, you would get an immediate confirmation email that will lead you to the Private Mentorship Group.

Don’t worry about this. I would show you how to Bulletproof yourself so you won’t feel it if they ever ban you.

You send an email to sarah@pyjamasboss.com  or send  a Whatsapp message to my Manager on +2347018651153 and you’d get a quick response

Why You should Buy this Program Today!!


You can give up on your dreams. And all the benefits of getting repeat buyers & sales and continue doing what you’re doing going in circles. But let’s be frank, you wouldn’t have read up to this point if you wanted that


Enroll in this Program, it gives you step-by-step guidance on exactly what to expect on the exam. Forget the past. This is what you need. A step by step process that gives results.

Pay Online & Get In Immediately!

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