The Real Reason most Coaches don’t make more than $10k per month

So many coaches have the mindset that if they raise their prices, no one will pay them.


They end up charging way less than they are truly worth.


One of the hidden reasons people charge low for their coaching program is because they are AFRAID.


Here’s what they are really missing out on:


People are willing to pay premium as long as you’re giving them VALUE & TRANSFORMATION.


The goal is for you to understand the most burning problem for your clients and help them solve it in your High Ticket Coaching offer.


Your clients will not mind paying a high ticket as long as you can solve their most burning problem.


When you understand this, you will be able to charge $2000 to even $10,000 and beyond for your coaching offer so you can hit your monthly target..


Ready to get started?


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Sarah Ize-Iyamu

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